Image Credits: Nikki Savage


Hello there! I'm Sarah, your personal editor.


I have worked as a professional editor for the last 7+ years. I graduated from RIT with a degree in advertising photography. While at RIT I focused on editing, from darkroom techniques to Photoshop. I started my editing career working for some amazing photographers, in their style to help them with the workload. It was a great introductory experience to see how other photographers tackled their images. There are so many unique and valid ways to tackle an image and I love that about photography.

I took a pit stop working in a high volume production company called Pictometry working on stitching together arial map imagery (think google maps); it was tough, fast paced work. But I had a unique position of being at the start of a small high-end team, so I was able to work with them to develop actions and corrections completely from scratch. I have always loved the challenge of  finding creative solutions to new problems.

From there I got the one-of-a-kind opportunity to take a job working as the Director of Post-processing for (Once Like a Spark) Photography. When I arrived at OLAS there was already a style, but I was soon given the ability to update, and refine that look. Keeping within the standards and style they wanted for the company I created custom actions, trained other editors, and produced hundreds of edited weddings and other sessions. It was an incredibly unique experience where I was working with tens of different photographers and second shooters from all across the country, and editing each of their images to fit cohesively in the OLAS brand. Different photographers, different cameras, different markets, different brides; I worked hard to make sure each wedding looked like it came from the same hive brain and I'm incredibly proud of the work we were able to produce.

That brings me to why I'm here today... 

After working with so many amazing and different artists I want to shoot off on my own to become a support system to photographers directly. I want to help solve your editing problems, to help you create a new look, or simply continue in an already well developed style. I want to work directly with photographers to grow their business so they have more time to do what they love, and I can continue to grow and do what I love; editing, retouching, and working with amazing creatives.