Edittique Package

This is Edittique's unique editing experience, I will work directly with you to create an editing style that you LOVE and works with your specific shooting techniques.

First I will work with you to develop a completely new, completely custom editing style. All actions are made specifically for you and will never be used on another photographer's images. 

This package includes a fully edited portfolio selection of images, these will be used to help develop your look, and are a great way for you to present an updated set of images to your clients!

Development of your new Edittique look starts at $200.00


Basic Global Adjustments & Culling

Basic Global Adjustment editing is $.20 an image

more about basic adjustments

Culling is $.07 an image

To insure the editing looks just the way you like it, for new clients your first package includes a 20 image preview from throughout the wedding day, fully edited and ready for your feedback. I will re-work these images until the editing is to your liking before completing the rest of your project.

(There is a $20.00 minimum for small sessions, file counts under 100 images will cost $20.00)

See examples of both Basic and Premium Global Adjustments here.

Premium Global Adjustments

Premium adjustments include global editing, and additional work such as; minor blemish removal, sky burning, straightening, or cropping. I like to think of this as more attention editing, commonly used for those images like family portraits.

You may order this for a full session, or only for those images that require extra attention.

more about premium adjustments

Premium Adjustments $0.40 per image

See examples of both Premium and Basic Global Adjustments here.

Gold Standard Editing

Gold standard editing is for photographers who want a totally finished look to their editing. These are usually a list of advanced editing techniques that will be done on a group of images. These are most commonly used for studio sessions, formal portraits, and images that will be printed.

more about gold standard editing

Gold Standard Editing is usually between $2.00-$3.00 per image depending on difficulty. For more complex or single image projects these are priced per project.

Boutique Editing

This is a completely personalized custom editing package. Often the Gold Standard Editing isn't quite the right fit for photographers with a very detailed eye and established editing style. They are interested in me carefully and seamlessly matching the look of their existing work. These are often high-end portrait photographers, newborn photographers, and any photographers working in a specialty field. These edits are great for images being printed large. 

Check out some of my boutique editing specifically for newborns and kids

Pricing is  customized and completely based on the amount and type of editing required to achieve your finished look.

Ready to book?

Want to reach out and ask a bunch more questions? Don't hesitate to send me an email today !

You may email me directly at or use my contact page by clicking right here.

Advance Booking

If you'd like to secure your editing due date in advance, and have a faster turn around time from the date you give me your images, advance booking is for you. With a small deposit fee you can save your editing due date and have completed edits in 4 days.

Inquire about Advanced Booking

Turnaround / Rush

Images are completed within business 10 days of final approval of the editing style. I will always give you the completed files earlier if possible, but to guarantee your images at a faster turnaround purchase rush editing. Images edited with rush will be completed within 3 business days of receiving the files.

weddings $100.00  //  Other (under 100 images)  $20.00


Pricing on retouching is done on a per project basis, let's discuss exactly what you need so we can come up with a price that works for you. 

Retouching can include but is not limited to: blemish removal, skin softening, slimming, head swaps, and removal of distracting elements. Check out the Retouching portion of my portfolio for examples of my work.

See some of my Retouching examples here.

Newborn Retouching

Most of my newborn clients end up with either my Gold standard adjustments that often run between $5.00-10.00 an image or a fully custom editing package/quote, the pricing is based on the level of editing required for your edits, newborns do tend to be at the higher end, but I can work with you within your budget and needs.

See some newborn samples here

Album Design

A completely custom service to take on the designing of your albums, from wedding albums, to engagement signature books, newborn sessions and more! Even reach out for your personal album design needs like vacation albums!

$6.00 per spread for design

learn more about Album Design here


Each restoration project is always very unique and pricing is done on a per image basis. Check out my restoration portfolio for inspiration on what can be done to your old or damaged photographs. Many of these beautiful images can be brought back to life!


Need mentoring? Want to pick my brain about making your culling more efficient, want to work one-on-one with me to freshen up your editing techniques? Or maybe you want to learn my secrets to fixing blue veils, or even my specialty which is eye swaps (it's not creepy). I find teaching one of the most rewarding things. let me know exactly what I can help with and we can get together for a one-on-one online session.

1 hour - $50.00

(I might love to chat, but don't worry I don't charge you extra for small talk, but I do suggest building in some extra time for getting to know each other, and possible technical difficulties)


Custom Package

Everything at Edittique can be customized! Just let me know exactly what you need and we will work together to create you a personalized package. Maybe you want the Edittique package but you don't shoot weddings, or you're looking into getting a wedding edited and know there will be a lot of blemish removals, or maybe your client has requested 10 sepia toned images and their face on a coffee mug. You dream it, I'll see what we can do to make it happen!


Payment / Invoices

I send all my invoices through hello bonsai you may pay with either credit card or paypal; whichever method works best for you. I can also accept payments via Venmo, if this method works best for you please let me know.


My Portfolio

My portfolio is made up of images I've had the pleasure of working on for other photographers. I would love the chance to share your work as well, if your clients or you require your images to be kept private please let me know and I will gladly make sure they are not shared.

I'm also sure to credit back the amazing photographers that I get to work with, check out their work (they are a pretty amazing bunch)