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Photo Credits: (Once Like a Spark) Photography


The Boutique Experience

Edittique is your fully custom editing boutique. Work one-on-one with me, Sarah, as your personal editor extraordinaire (editaire?). Let us work together to create an editing package that is exactly what you need. From dreamy soft images to hard and edgy Edittique can help create the look you've been wanting, or work with your already established style.


Let's Chat

Send me a message about what you need and how I can help! 


Photo Credits: (Once Like a Spark) Photography


Custom Editing Packages to perfectly fit your needs

From style development, fully culled and edited weddings, to single image retouching I'm here to fulfill your needs. You will work directly one-on-one with me, Sarah, the creator of Edittique. Everything is flexible, works with your personal aesthetics, and within your budget. Reach out today to begin collaborating with me on your post processing!


I love what Sarah’s done overall and am thrilled at how the edits turned out! I had a free gift certificate for a well known editing company so I submitted some from the same shoot to see what they were like for comparison. It made me a bit nervous as that company’s didn’t turn out great even though they had my preset and lots of before and afters from other sessions to see my style. Theirs ended up pretty grainy and weird contrasts for some reason, whereas Sarah’s was exactly how I would have edited them, with no lacking quality. The large company doesn’t compare to what she provides and how well she aligns with the style I like. It’s definitely worth the wait and has me very excited to continue to use her
— Nicole Hemeon Photography
Sarah is amazing! I am not sure I would be surviving the busy season without her help. She is always open to my feedback to ensure that she is matching my style and vision for each image. She is very responsive to my emails and calls. You will not regret hiring her!
— Rae Barnes
Sarah is a freaking rockstar. I love her and she is so knowledgeable of editing and working with you to really streamline your editing process.
— Megan Block-Brewer
Sarah has been so fantastic with communicating her services, sending examples of work to be sure I am receiving what I am looking for, she is very open to feedback and truly wants to give you the best image based on your style and taste.

She is timely and affordable and all 5 of my sessions I batched out look amazing and my clients are thrilled! THANK YOU Sarah! You totally saved me during a hectic time!
— Kelly A Read
Sarah is a life saver! She helped me through the fall season when things were hectic. I was able to spend more time with my family instead of editing for hours. All of the images match my style. Anytime I need changes made, Sarah is prompt. When I started working with Sarah, we worked together to create a custom preset. It was a long process and Sarah was extremely patient and wanted it to be just right.
— C. Tundo Photography


I ensure that every single project gets my undivided attention. I will work closely with each client to create a package that includes everything they need, and nothing they don't. Every image I touch will be treated with the respect it deserves. 



About Me

MY NAME IS sarah

I have been a professional editor for over 8 years. I had the unique opportunity to be in positions that allowed me to work with 50+ photographers from all across the country. I have created custom actions, trained other editors, and worked on hundreds of weddings and sessions a year. Now I'm excited introduce you to Edittique, here I work one-on-one with creative professionals to fit their editing needs. I can't wait to see what I can do for you! (want to know more? click here to read my story)

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